Monday, August 4, 2008

Blood Furnace Guide: World of Warcraft Instance Walkthrough

If you're looking for a Walkthrough for Blood Furnace in WoW, then you've come to the right place!

Blood Furnace is the second instance most people will encounter in World of Warcraft Burning Crusade. It is a little bit longer than Hellfire Ramparts, with the same amount of bosses. It is possible to complete Blood Furnace with a group of level 60's, however it is recommended that your group be level 61-62 unless you are very experienced or skilled.

For trash mobs, the key is to kill the summoners first and use good crowd control. Rogues wander around invisibly in the dungeon, so someone looking for those like a hunter using flares is quite useful. The felguards towards the end can be difficult to tank as they drop aggro and charge often. They are especially difficult on heroic difficulty.

The Maker

The Maker is the first boss in Blood Furnace. He is a pretty straightforward fight. He will spray acid and hit people within melee, so try and keep your distance or stay behind him for melee DPS. Other than that, he isn't very difficult, just tank him and kill him.


Before fighting the second boss, Broggok you must deal with several waves of orcs coming out of cages. The best way to deal with these is to tank them, try to crowd control some as they come out, and just burn them down. It is advised that the tank save his AoE taunt for the last wave if at all possible. After that, the boss comes out.

Broggok looks like a giant beholder. He isn't a hard fight, either. He will leave poison rings on the ground that your group will need to avoid, and put a poison effect on party members that should be dispelled. Besides that, he's easy.

Keli'dan the Breaker

This guy is the last boss in Blood Furnace. He's standing in the middle of a circle, surrounded by warlocks. Shadow Resistance helps a lot for this fight. First of all, charge around and kill the warlocks, one by one. Then Keli'dan the Breaker will aggro.

He uses two primary abilities. He will use shadow bolt. The other thing is does is a massive blast wave of fire that will kill pretty much everyone. He will emote and turn invulnerable before doing this blast wave, so the group should have the time to run out of range. Besides that, tank and DPS him and he should die.

Blood Furnace Heroic Difficulty

This is one of the easier heroic instances. The primary differences are that Broggok's orc waves are harder, with neophytes that must be killed first added into the pulls. Also, Keli'dan the Breaker will pull you in before doing his blast wave, similar to Shade of Aran when he uses Arcane Explosion. Besides that, this is one of the easier heroic instances, with a nice epic neck that can be gotten from the last boss.

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